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Buddhism Pilgrimage Special Tour

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Buddhism Pilgrimage Special Tour

Buddhism was introduced into China in West Han Dynasty. 218AD, the monk of West Jin Dynasty Fashui came to Changsha to set up Lushan Temple, Buddhism was at that time officially introduced into Hunan. In Tang Dynasty, Hunan already had Lushan Temple, Shishuang Temple,Miyin Temple and many other influential Buddhist resorts. The Weiyang School, Yangqi School, Huangiong School of Zen Sect are all originated in Changsha, the last two were introduced into Japan in Song Dynasty. Among the numerous Buddhist temples, Hengshan Mountain has been know as “the Holy Land of Southeast Asia for Buddhists”. The place boasts a large cluster of temples and distinguished and accomplished monks in every generation. Of all the temples there, the most famous one is the Grand Temple of Nanyue. However, both Jiashan Temple in Changde district and the Dacheng Mountain in Loudi district which is the originating place of the Dacheng school of Buddhism, are the holy places for the pilgrims.


Day1 Arriving in Changsha city, bus to Changde city in the afternoon. (ChangDe)

Day2 Visiting Qianming Temple, Iron Post with Buddhist Scripture engraved on it. Bus to Shimen, visiting Jiashan Temple, Jiashan Forest Park. (ShiMen)

Day3 Bus to Lixian county, visiting Yaoshan Temple, Qinshan Temple, Longtan Temple, Confucian Temple, Mengjiang Chastity Temple, bus back to Changde. (ChangDe)

Day4 Bus to Lianyuan, visiting Miying Temple in Ningxiang County on the way. (LianYuan)

Day5 Visiting Boyue Cave and Dachengshan Mountain which is the birthplace of the Mahayana School of Buddhism. (LianYuan)

Day6 Bus to Nanyue via Shuangfeng County. (NanYue)

Day7 Visiting Nanyue Grand Temple, Nantai Temple, Fuyan Temple, and Zhusheng Temple. (NanYue)

Day8 Visiting Yunyan Temple via liling city, Shishuang Temple in Liuyang county, back to Changsha City. (ChangSha)

Day9 Visting Kaifu Temple, Lushan Temple and leaving Changsha by air.

Price (per pax in US$)  

Size of group
Deluxe class
Single room
Comfortable class
Single room
1 pax
2-5 pax
6-9 pax

The price include following items:
•Hotel room deluxe=4-star hotel, comfortable=3-star hotel
• B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner
• English guide  
•All local tax
The price above DOES NOT include following items:

• Laundry, phone calls, medical expenses, cab fare for personal use and other personal
•Tips for the guide and drivers
•Meals unless specified above

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