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2012 Zhangjiajie New Year's Eve Weather Forecast

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2012 Zhangjiajie New Year's Eve Weather Forecast

January 15, 1012 morning, Zhangjiajie usher in the biggest winter snow. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianzishan, Yangjiajie and other scenic,Snow everywhere, Zhangjiajie snow to attract foreign tourists come to enjoy the scenery, take a photo.Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Websiteg$cx0}E1q

q J;x7m'q+A+\0Meteorological department forecast that this year's Spring Festival in Zhangjiajie, ZJJ will remain cold rain and snow; Please note that cold winter tourism guests warm. Guests like to see snow, you can choose to Zhangjiajie enjoy "snow version of the Avatar world."Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website#p T0o+IH7csJ p2S
Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Websitea:r X$C/\\!c:c


According to the latest analysis of meteorological data, meteorological department is expected to: the continuing impact by cold air, Zhangjiajie City, the weather will be next week, rain, snow, cold-based, Chinese New Year's Eve (19-20 January 2012, will usher in the rain and snow.

H&lFxG%R+n1T0Zhangjiajie snow will be very beautiful when the Spring Festival,We look forward to Chinese New Year 2012.

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