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About Wulingyuan Zhangjiajie

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About Wulingyuan Zhangjiajie


WULINGYUAN Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website#P9_ NOXi
Often called Zhangjiajie, this 243-squaremile(391-sq-km) scenic preserve is a karst landscape of enormous beauty,with rocky pinnacles rising from a coverlet of dense sub-tropical vegetation. Wulingyuan covers three natural reserves – Zhangjiajie,Tianzi Shan, and Suoxi Yu –World Natural Heritage-World Geopark-The First National Forest Park of China.and contains well over 500 species of tree, including the dawn redwood It is also a haven for fauna, including giant salamanders,rhesus monkeys, and a wide variety of birds.The park is often cloaked in fog, adding atmosphere but obscuring most views. Summers are excessively humid.
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*UL!|){-M)~,vaa0STAR SIGHTSZhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website&H(A1U tdES
1Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
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Huang Shi Zhai- Golden whip stream-Yaozizhai-Yuanjiajie(xianrenqiao-kongzhongtianyuan)
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Tianzi Mountain(tianzishan)
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3Huanglongdong(Yellow Dragon Cave)Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official WebsiteY0g`? Xv
Baofenghu(Baofeng Lake)Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website3o,a Rhb n
Folk Custom Grand Theatre(Zhangjiajie Western charm Grand Theatre)Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website%D[~so C

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