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The best of Zhangjiajie travel agency

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The best of Zhangjiajie travel agency

China Travel Service Zhangjiajie city is the economic development of Zhangjiajie city investment limited liability company wholly-owned subsidiary. Director of the Department of China travel service groupmember, member of China Travel Agency Association, Hunan tourism association. Has the qualification of independent legal person, is the city of Zhangjiajie (the only) have to travel abroad qualified travel agentstravel agency. The main domestic tourism, outbound tourism, inbound tourism, conference reception, generation set of tickets and otherservices.

Zhangjiajie China Travel Service since its establishment in 1984, has been in the peer Zhangjiajie maintained the annual reception quantity the first, tourism income taxes first, first record, and many times by the provincial, city, named the best travel agency, the quality of a letter ofthe unit, double civilized unit. Has a team of 268 experiencedmanagement personnel and excellent guides, the spirit of "honesty,kindness, let each visitor satisfaction" principle of service, sincerelyservice for friends.

Enterprise spirit: active exploration and exploitation advance despite difficulties to fight

Development goals: brand professional marketing network groupinternational

Management philosophy: the performance evaluation to work systemconstraints to communicate cohesion

Guidelines: management, grasping quality, grasping, grasping the market cost

Service tenet: honesty, kindness, let each visitor satisfaction.

Address: Zi Wu Road Hunan Zhangjiajie City No. 26 China Travel Service Plaza Hotel four floor, zip code: 427000

License number: L-HUN-GJ00012

Tel: 0744- 21627772162999 8279777

82779998355777 8355688

Free telephone: 4000003577

Fax: 0744-8205678

Web site: www.zjjcts.com.cn

The best of Zhangjiajie travel agency of Zhangjiajie China International Travel Service

Zhangjiajie CITS Zhangjiajie CITS group member company, is approved by the National Tourism Bureau (license No.: L-HUN-GJ00026), one of the management of international, domestic tourism businessprofessional travel agencies in Zhangjiajie City, the oldest, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce landing registeredwith independent legal person qualification of the tourism enterprises,the honors and recognition has many honors and subject to the Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau, Tourism Bureau of Hunan Province, has a good social influence. The company since its inception and enterprising,pragmatic innovation, ceaseless business philosophy, by virtue of the management mechanism and interest dynamic sharing management guiding ideology with colleagues at home and abroad to establish friendly and stable cooperation relationship.

"Wan Cheng oriented, Pepsi letter to the first", Zhangjiajie CITS is willing to "quality service, integrity is the foundation of gold", has always been in good faith for the enterprises of this place, in the face of tourists in good faith, in good faith to the development of enterprises, please touristssupervision.

The company headquarters - Zhangjiajie CITS building, is a modern six storey office building, a total of more than 3000 square meters, is located in Zhangjiajie City, Purple Dance Road No. 631, modern officefacilities, tourist reception of professional staff, engaged in a multi-yearwork experience business backbone and be trained with regularity,experienced tour guides, and a strong background in operating system,providing the latest, most professional travel consulting and thoughtfultourism Service Corporation address visitors at any time: Hunan province Zhangjiajie City Road 631, CITS building Purple Dance

Tel: 0744-8862777 88657778862999 2167999

Fax: 0744-2177877

The enterprise QQ:800006577

Free telephone: 4000500073

Postal Code: 427000

The company web site: http://www.cits-zjj.com

Business license No.: 430802000001210

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