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The 8 days cheap budget accommodation in zhangjiajie tour

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We would like you to adv us the cheap budget accom.,trans.and best routine. We have 8days in Zhangjiajie. Thanks,

Day1, Arrived in zhangjiajie,transfer to hostel.

Accommodation: Zhangjiajie downtown- hostel

Day2,You can visit TianMen mountain throughout the day.you can feel zhangjiajie cuisine In zhangjiajie city-SANXIAGUO

Accommodation: Zhangjiajie downtown- hostel

Day3, Check out hotel early in the morning, 1 hour drive(Regular bus) get to zhangjiajie national forest park, you have the whole day for visiting yellow stone village.

Accommodation: Zhangjiajie national forest park- hostel

Day4,Check out hostel early in the morning.Hiking in Golden whip stream and Yuanjiajie(as a Hollywood photographer spent time shooting there in 2008. ‘Avatar’ Makes Its Mark on China’s Zhangjiajie, Floating Hallelujah Mountains featured in Hollywood blockbuster Avatar”)

Accommodation: Yuanjiajie(Top of mount)-hostel

Day5. Hiking in Yangjiajie, and Wulongzhai, full day exploration in Tianbofu,Balipo,Yibudongtian,one-step-to -heaven ,Kongzhongzoulang-corridor in the air.

Accommodation: Yuanjiajie(Top of mount)-hostel

Day6. Check out hostel early in the morning, Hiking in Tianzishan, Tianzi in the north section of the reserve, is another popular expedition, also served by cable car. As is the custom, every rock,crag and gully has been given a fanciful name. Take park bus to Tianzishan, do sightseeing in Shen-tangwan,Helong park,Yubifeng,after finishing sightsee-ing on the top of the Tianzishan mountain, begin to take a trail downward the mountain from the Tianzi pagoda, you go through Yueliangya ,Wologling lying dragon ridge , Shilihualang ten-li picturesque gallery ,finally you come to mini train station, and take park bus to Wulingyuan entrance.and transfer to your decent hotel.

Accommodation: Wulingyuan-hostel

Day7,You have the whole day for visiting Yellow dragon cave and Baofeng lake(short distance form hostel by Bus or taxi). we recommend night show-magic Xiangxi folk show

Accommodation: Wulingyuan-hostel

Day8, Check out hostel.1 hour drive(Regular bus)get back to zhangjiajie city. The journey is over

Entrance fees: Zhangjiajie admission ¥248 for 2 days.

BaoFeng lake:74 Rmb/per

Yellow Dragon cave:82 Rmb/per

Hostel: All price are based on per room and per night


Transportation:Regular bus only 12RMB

Company: Hunan XZL international travel service Co,.Ltd


Address:Room #308 Zhangjiajie City Tourism Bureau Building, Hunan,China.

Operator: Shuire@gmail.com

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